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Megan Hensley - Actress - H4
Megan Hensley - Actress - H5
Megan Hensley - Actress - H3
Megan Hensley - Actress - Hat
Megan Henlsey - Meg The Hippie - Actress

MEGAN HENSLEY is an actress and a lover of puns & wine. Her theatrical journey has take her from the stage to the On-Camera & Voice Over world. She enjoys Horseback Riding, Archery & Bird Watching. She also loves to sing, play Guitar and Ukulele! Explore more below!

What came first, the chicken or the Meg?

Megan Hensley is proud to announce that the upcoming movie she's in, Americana, written and directed by Tony Tost & Starring the incredible Paul Walter Hauser & Sydney Sweeney which premiered at SXSW JUST SOLD TO LIONSGATE!!


Latest News

Megan Hensley at SXSW for Americana Movie
Americana with Paul Walter Howzer
This is Us - Megan Hensley as Miss Mindy
Them - Megan Hensley
Legion - Megan Hensley
Megan Hensley as Miss Mindy in the TV Show This Is Us
"Miss Mindy" in This is Us
Megan Hensley as Fenna in the TV Show Them : Covenant
"Fenna" in Them: Covenant
Megan Hensley as one of the Mason Girls in the TV Show Legion
"Mason Girl" in Legion

Featured Projects

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